Home Sweet Home

Hello Hello Suci is here again

How are you reader? I hope you guys are okay

For those who lives around Medan, I hope you guys are okay, Medan still ruthless with the heat. Please stay hydrated, wear sunblock, protect your body from the direct sunlight. Also consume a lot of Vitamin C too!

And for the other reader outside this tropical area, we welcomed spring very well, I see everything is pink including the StarBucks merchs. And that’s good, I love Pink.
Careful with the pollen yeah? Wear masks and please avoid to stay long outside the house.  I don’t know what happened outside there but I hope the sun is shining and the temperature getting high a bit.

Ah… April almost over yeah? It means payday is near for me hahaha

Anyway Happy Easter for those celebrated it. I hope you guys have an eventful Easter. And for Indonesian, Happy Belated Kartini Day. Women all around the world and Indonesia, let’s work harder this year too.

I have a long weekend this Easter. My Mom is coming over to Medan right now. I was very panicked before she came because I need to balance my house chores with my tiring work. Is not that I complaining I’m just very confuse to balanced my energy and time, since this is the first time I left by my own accord to take care of the house since I became a teacher.
Man, I really missed my mom, I am glad she is okay. Thanks mom.

While I was in my blissed out off time, i felt very content, it’s been a while since I feel not to rush things you know. Usually I always rushed my things. Since I wake up in crack ass morning, to my sleeping time. I don’t actually remember what I did in the daytime but yeah, sometimes I don’t realize that time actually flies.

On Saturday I really enjoyed my time, and right now I also feeling like that too.
It’s been years and I feel I want to cry my eyes out. You know when you just lie dow on your favorite spot, and listening to a calm music or your favorite music? Yeah, usually I am in a bad headspace when I am in that position, trying to calm myself because holy hell life just crushed you with things like work, study, debt, money, and all of that jazz.

But that day, right now, I feel I want to cry because holycow I am so happy, so so happy and content, and.. I just feeling overwhelmed you know.

I feel home. I am too busy to recognize myself and surrounding until today I feel coming home, with my mommy is here. Looking out for me.

If you asked myself a year ago, I would blatantly tell you that I hate around my parent, or just my family member in general. Because as I said before, I am too busy to recognize myself and surrounding until I forgot how much they love me.
I’m starting to recognize my mommy and daddy more, appreciate their hardwork and never ending love, and try my best to be a better adult so they don’t have to worry and so I can finally can take care of myself better haha

I often missed my family too. Usually I really hate when I need to go back to my home town. But now I feel if I have enough time and money I would go home immediately.

So reader, for those people out there, I know family is not just by blood, i know that feelings very well. And I know sometimes family are the toxic one.

But if you were given a chance to have a good relationship with your blood family, let’s do that. Because either we like it or not. They were the person we looked up before. And if you can’t and the wound is too deep. Let’s be family together.

Let’s build a home
Because feeling alone in a world we don’t know is very painful
I hope you stay strong
I know it’s hard
See you,
Lots of Love
Suci <3

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